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A Country Tapestry
Flora Thompson 1876-1947
The Hamlet Stood On A Gentle Rise
A Lark Rise Christmas
Snow Falls
5 Poems By Flora Thompson
Keith Dewhurst &The Albion Band
Oxfordshire Links
Tapestry Links

Over The Stile To......

Pen to Paper

Keith Dewhurst transformed the three books into two plays, both put on at the National Theatre, London and directed by
Bill Bryden and Sebastian Graham-Jones:
Lark Rise in March 1978, and
Candleford in November 1979.

LP/Cassette: recorded in Spring and Summer 1980 for the
Regents Park Recording Company at their
St Johns Wood Studios, London.
Narrative by
Keith Dewhurst
Produced by
Nic Rowley
Associate producers
Ashley Hutchings, John Tams
Executive producers
Michael Mc Donagh, Alexandra Cann.
Sound engineer Alan Jakoby
Cover design
Chess Creative
Front cover photography
Roger Perry
Inside pictures
Michael Mayhew, Briand Windsor

Charisma CDS 4020 (LP, UK, 1980)
Charisma 7144-077 (cassette, UK, 1980)
Virgin CDSCD 4020 (CD, UK, 1991)

The Original Cast
Laura: Valerie Whittington
Pumpkin: Brian Protheroe
Boamer: Bill Caddick
Jerry Parrish: John Tams
The Vicar: Brian Protheroe
Edmund Timms: Paul Davies-Prowles

 Albert, Laura's Father: Brian Protheroe
Thomas Brown, Postman: Martin Carthy

John, Laura's Husband: Brian Protheroe

Lark Rise to Candleford

The Original Ensemble

The Albion Band:
Pete Bullock: keyboards;
Bill Caddick: vocals, triangle;
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar, vocals;
Doug Morter: electric guitar;
John Tams: vocals, melodeon;
Graeme Taylor: electric guitar, vocals
Martin Carthy: vocals;
Shirley Collins: vocals;
Howard Evans: trumpet, flugelhorn;
Michael Gregory: drums;
John Kirkpatrick: vocals, button accordion, concertina, melodeon;
Brian Protheroe: vocals, keyboards;
Steve Saunders: trombone, euphonium, tuba;
Martin Simpson: banjo;

The Lark Rise to Candleford 
is Copyright
All Rights Reserved