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Oxfordshire Links

A Country Tapestry
Flora Thompson 1876-1947
The Hamlet Stood On A Gentle Rise
A Lark Rise Christmas
Snow Falls
5 Poems By Flora Thompson
Keith Dewhurst &The Albion Band
Oxfordshire Links
Tapestry Links

Welcome To Cropredy's Official Website

God Bless'em

The Victoria History of Oxfordshire forms
 part of a national series entitled
popularly known as the VCH.
The series, started in 1899 and named after Queen Victoria,
aims to provide an encyclopaedic history
of the English counties and their constituent
towns and villages,
based on meticulous original research.

Cropredy's Like This and That

right by  The Oxford Canal.
in Cropredy.

now this is fascinating stuff!

Landscape and Stories

This website shows the results of the
Oxfordshire Wildlife and Landscape
Study (OWLS) - an investigation of
landscape character and biodiversity
across the county. It was jointly

a series on Oxfordshire landscapes
which have inspired writers and poets

Villages and Towns
With Websites


Limited Edition. Online Magazine for Oxfordshire

The Lark Rise to Candleford 
is Copyright
All Rights Reserved